S-Cubed Environmental is your guide to creating sustainable solutions. We work hand in hand with communities, corporations, organizations, municipalities and government regulators to conserve resources and to divert and better manage waste.

S-Cubed Environmental | Diversion and Waste Management Strategies

How can we
reduce waste
and save energy?


Recycling and Organics Programs • Diversion of Reusable Materials • Energy Efficiency • Water Conservation • Green Systems • Best Practices Consulting • Community Resources & Liaison

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How can we measure
and report progress?

Audits &

Waste Audits • Waste Composition Studies • Residential, Industrial, Commercial & Institutional (ICI) Reporting • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reports • Construction & Demolition Waste Management

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How do we
involve and persuade our community?


Public Engagement and Consultation • Information Sessions • Community Based Social Marketing • Displays, Brochures and Graphics • Educational Tools & Infographics 

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Lasting solutions come from engagement & collaboration

At S-Cubed Environmental, we believe in a team approach – one that encourages all stakeholders to buy into practical strategies for waste management and diversion.  We incorporate audit and data-driven solutions, know industry and regulatory standards, and help our clients toward best practices in waste management.

I have had the great privilege of working with Stacey Schaub-Szabo on a project of specific and tight timelines which involved many moving targets. I found that she was tremendously quick and responsive to change and worked tirelessly to ensure the project was completed successfully and on time. I would love to work with Stacey again and would recommend her, without hesitation, as a project manager whose main goal is her client’s satisfaction.

Jessica Campbell

Spinnaker Recycling Corporation

What can
S-Cubed Environmental
do for you?

Waste Audits

The first step in any waste diversion program invoves measuring what comes out of the system.


Sustainability Consulting

With data in hand, we work together to review possible solutions.


Public Engagement

We build relationships with stakeholders and community members to gather feedback on suggestions.



We collaborate with you to implement and monitor waste diversion strategies.



We measure and report on the effectiveness of diversion strategies and waste management programs, and help you to consider next steps.

About S-Cubed Environmental


Positive, engaging, scientific, and highly collaborative , Stacey Schaub-Szabo is principal of S-Cubed Environmental Services. Stacey helps Albertan communities, municipalities and organizations to manage resources and regulatory compliance issues related to diversion and waste management. Stacey is your resource from everything from hands-on waste audits to strategic planning and program implementation to community engagement, communication and education.

Waste Audit Numbers


Between six to nine percent of an organization's waste can often be eliminated just by offering reusable cups.


Sort recycling carefully. Adding dirty or inappropriate items can contaminate the whole bin.


On average, between 40 to 50 percent of a community's garbage could potentially be composted.

Past Projects

Sustainable solutions begin with a team approach

S-Cubed Environmental’s friendly and highly collaborative approach helps bring people together and creates effective solutions. We begin by engaging your front-line people, as they are critical to developing an approach that works. Our skilled team of experts tailors waste diversion strategies to each situation. We also liaise with industry experts across the country to incorporate best practices, streamline processes, and save resources.

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