Langdon Curbside Collection Launch | Phase 1

Involving community members helped in developing a curbside collection program that suited their needs.

Rising landfill costs and bans on certain materials meant that the Town of Langdon needed to engage with community members on how to cut costs and develop better waste diversion solutions. The cost of sending waste to the landfill was rising, and certain materials were banned.

Phase 1

Although Langdon now has a fully functioning waste management and diversion program that includes recycling and organics, it didn’t happen overnight. The process always begins with an audit of existing waste.

Step 1 – Measure

Waste audits revealed that adding a curbside recycling program would divert paper and cardboard from entering the landfill.

Step 2 – Consult and Engage

The S-Cubed Environmental team researched the possibilities, consulted with local authorities on cost, and developed strategies before engaging with residents to consider possible solutions. Open houses and pop-up displays at popular local venues gave us access to the community.

Step 3 – Implement

All residents initially received a 120-litre garbage cart. After three months, residents self-evaluated the amount of waste they were generating and decided whether they were willing to pay more for increased garbage capacity.


Detailed audit information, public engagement sessions and self-evaluation allowed residents to understand the reasons behind changes to waste collection. S-Cubed was on hand to provide audit data, as well as scientific and legislative information. A trial period and user-pay model gave residents the opportunity to judge for themselves whether they preferred to reduce the amount of garbage they produced or pay more for a larger cart. Curbside recycling collection diverted more materials from being sent to landfill.

What can S-Cubed do for you?

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We liked working with S-Cubed because of the personalized attention Stacey brings to community engagement. By the end of our projects it seemed like Stacey knew our residents by name. This made her work credible as she could be a true voice for the community’s wants and needs.

Derek Young

Town of Vermilion